Organic Reactivity and Mechanism

Module code: CH1008

Module co-ordinator: Professor Paul Cullis

Topics covered

  • Representation of organic molecules using line formulae and stereodrawings; arrow-pushing descriptions of simple transformations.
  • Structure, bonding and reactivity of important organic molecules.
  • Mechanism and stereochemical outcomes of nucleophilic substitution (SN), elimination (E) and addition reactions.
  • Reactions of alkenes and alkynes; regiochemical and stereochemical outcomes.
  • Structure and reactivity of simple aromatic compounds; regioselectivities in electrophilic substitution reactions of simple monosubstituted benzene derivatives.


  • 22 one-hour lectures
  • 2 one-hour practicals
  • 3 one-hour tutorials


  • Exam, two hours (75%)
  • In-course assessments (15%)
  • Tutorials (10%)