Coordination Chemistry

Module code: CH1006

Module co-ordinator: Dr Mark Lowe

Topics covered 

  • Oxidation states and dⁿ configurations of transition metal complexes.
  • Common types of ligand and methods of complex preparation.
  • Bonding in transition metal complexes: ionic models (crystal field theory) and covalent models (molecular orbital theory).
  • Crystal field stabilisation energies.
  • Magnetic and spectroscopic properties of transition metal complexes.
  • Geometries of complexes; molecular distortions and isomerism.
  • Complex nature of ions in solution; thermodynamic and kinetic stability.


  • 22 one-hour lectures
  • 2 one-hour practicals
  • 3 one-hour tutorials


  • Exam, two hours (75%)
  • Mid-term assessment (15%)
  • Tutorials (10%)