Behavioural Ecology in Nature

Module code: BS3066

Module co-ordinator: Dr Iain Barber

This field-based module (held in the Easter vacation) will teach you how to conduct field studies of animal behaviour, using methods such as focal animal sampling, zero-one sampling and ad libitum sampling.

You will be free to choose whichever species you feel is worth studying and to make observations on it over a six-day period. Manipulations of behaviour may be possible for insect species such as bumblebees but most of the work will be observation of natural behaviour to obtain data identified as essential for testing an hypothesis.


  • 20 hours of field work
  • 10 hours of lab work
  • 5 one-hour seminars


  • Field notebook (70%)
  • Multiple choice test (20%)
  • Performance in the field (10%)