Biochemistry 1: From Genes to Proteins

Module code: BS2091

Module co-ordinator: Dr Chris Willmott

In this module you will study how protein structures relate to their functions. We will explore the molecular aspects of the expression and regulation of genetic information in living cells and to provide a platform for more advanced modules.

You will study the molecular mechanisms of protein-protein and protein-DNA interactions and explore the mechanisms responsible for the regulation of gene expression in prokaryotes and eukaryotes. We will examine how the information encoded in DNA is transcribed into RNA and how primary transcripts are processed to achieve their final, functional form. You will also study the principles of the genetic code and the translation of genetic information from messenger RNA into protein. We will also look at protein folding, molecular recognition and the role of post-translational modifications in regulation of protein functions and stability

Topics covered

  • Transcription and gene regulation in eukaryotes
  • Transcription and gene regulation in prokaryotes
  • Translation
  • Molecular interactions
  • Post-translational modifications and stability


  • 30 one-hour lectures
  • 12 hours of practicals
  • one-hour tutorial


  • Exam, 3 hours (70%)
  • Lab practical reports (20%)
  • Computer practical (10%)