Behavioural Neurobiology

Module code: BS2066

Module co-ordinator: Dr Tom Matheson

In this module you will study the processes by which nervous systems generate adaptive behaviours in a wide range of animals. These include sensory systems involved in fish electroreception, bat echo-location and auditory localisation of prey by barn owls. What principles of neuronal organisation govern these different types of sensory processing?

We will explore how individual neurones and networks of neurones act together to generate patterned motor outputs that permit animals to interact with their complex and dynamic environment. We will also look ar how early experience affects the wiring and maturation of brain circuits dedicated to sensory processing, and will examine how simple reflexive behaviours of invertebrates can be used to study the cellular basis of learning and memory.


  • 30 one-hour lectures
  • 18 hours of practicals
  • 4 one-hour tutorials


  • Practical reports (30%)
  • Exam, 3 hours (70%)