Module code: BS1050

Module co-ordinators: Dr Cas Kramer, Dr Ezio Rosata, Dr Julie Morrissey

In this module you will use several model organisms to study the basic concepts of genetics and genetic analysis together with the fundamental processes of inheritance and mutation and how these are related to disease. We will look at processes contributing to the transmission of genetic information between generations and the genesis of variation. We will also discuss the control of gene expression in response to environmental changes and during growth and development of multi-cellular organisms. You will cover a wide range of topics from human to bacterial genetics, including the basic principles of gene cloning technology, with its many applications in medical and human genetics.

Topics covered

  • Effects of mutations and how they arise
  • Inheritance of chromosomes through mitosis and meiosis and how genetic variation is generated
  • Natural mechanisms of gene transmission in bacteria.
  • Mechanisms of gene regulation.
  • Control of gene expression in eukaryotes, particularly during development of multi-cellular organisms.
  • Molecular evolution of genes and genomes.
  • Global patterns of genetic diversity.
  • Genetic diseases and genetically influenced disorders.
  • Elementary genetic analysis and basic bioinformatics.
  • Gene cloning, genome sequencing and other molecular techniques.


  • 28 one-hour lectures
  • 5 three-hour practicals
  • 10 one-hour tutorials


  • Exam (70%)
  • Report (10%)
  • Practical assessment (20%)