Archaeological Research

Module code: AR1010

Module co-ordinator: Dr Jeremy Taylor

In this module you will interpret physical evidence to assess the development of Leicester. This will not only give you a far better appreciation of your new home town, it will also provide you with a robust understanding of the process of research and interpretation involved in the study of standing buildings, historical documents and maps. It will prepare you for your fieldwork and for the more demanding and interpretative level 2 courses. Additionally this project will develop students’ independent learning skills, and other transferable skills in time management, project organisation and the use of resources.

Teaching and Learning Methods

  • 18 one-hour lectures
  • 1 two-hour workshop
  • Independent field study

Assessment Methods

  • Coursework workbook, 4,000 words (50%)
  • Exam, 2 hours (50%)

Visiting students replace the exam with a second essay.