Case Studies of Crises and Disasters

Module code: AE7502

Module co-ordinators: Dr Simon Bennett, Dr Nibedita S Ray-Bennett

In this module we will take a close look at seven of the 20th Ccentury’s most notorious disasters, from the Happy Valley race track disaster of 1918, to the destruction of TWA Flight 800 off Long Island, New York State in 1996. While most of these disasters happened in the developed world, the lessons learned could be applied to developing countries through isomorphic and active learning: the knowledge is spatially, culturally and temporally transferable. We will question what, if anything, we can learn from past crises and disasters, paying particular attention to causation, the management approaches adopted and the appropriateness of the responses to the final outcome.

Topics covered


  • 1 one-hour lecture


  • Essay (100%)