Group Process - Year 2

Module code: AE2227

Module co-ordinator: Dr Tony Priest

The Group Process module provides a learning environment in which you can feel safe and secure enough to explore aspects of your own personal development that relate to your professional development as a drug and alcohol worker or counsellor. You will have the opportunity to explore your own values, beliefs, attitudes and prejudices which may have an impact on your relationships with others in a personal or employment context.

Topics covered

  • Functions and responsibilities of the group facilitator
  • Development stages and characteristic difficulties in groups
  • Giving and receiving appropriate critical feedback constructively
  • The importance of dynamic administration when organising groups
  • Forming good, supportive, challenging and trusting relationships with others
  • Issues of difference in a group and their impact on attitudes, beliefs and personal development


  • 51 hours of seminars
  • One-day workshop on dynamic administration and group leadership


  • Personal development appraisal (50%)
  • Essay, 1,000 words(50%)