Business Environment, Risk and Uncertainty

Module code: AE1571

Module co-ordinator: TBC

In understanding organisational performance and strategy, it is vital to be able to assess how external factors - political, economic, social, legal etc - may have an impact, as well as effectively judging the importance of that impact and any aspects that the organisation can control or limit.

In this module you will learn how to conduct regular checks and audits on the external environment and how to respond in turn, with practical solutions to any problems that these may potentially cause. We will also look at ways to identify and future-proof against internal and external risks to an organisation.

We will cover a broad range of current topics, extending your knowledge of the political, legal and cultural environment that we live in – both home and abroad. You will also learn about the supply and flow of money in the economy and gain an understanding of fiscal policy and other key terminology.

Topics covered

  • Fiscal and monetary policy
  • The supply of money
  • Aggregate demand
  • PESTLE analysis and other audit tools
  • Risk analysis and identifying risk
  • Domestic and international economies
  • Problem solving
  • Trading blocks and tariffs


This module is studied by distance learning.


  • Exam, 90 minutes
  • Written report, 1,500 words