Developing Critical Thinking and Personal Development

Module code: AE1570

Module co-ordinator: TBC

Good managers must have highly developed critical thinking skills and be able to quickly evaluate information and ideas in order to make decisions. It is also essential that good managers can assess their own skills and identify areas which may need improvement.

This module will help to enhance your critical thinking skills by providing you with tools to help you demonstrate how self-reflection can be a very valuable way of becoming a better leader and manager, and constantly improve your own self-reflection.

Throughout the module you will learn more about yourself, how others view you and how you relate to others that you work with in team situation as well as those that you manage.

Topics covered

  • Critical thinking and analysis
  • Assessment of the effectiveness of yourself and others in team working
  • How to develop a reflective capacity and emotional intelligence
  • Methods and sources of gaining feedback on your performance
  • Ways to make objective judgements on your own strengths and areas for improvement
  • How to organise and present information to make a case for personal development
  • How to develop a personal development plan


This module is studied by distance learning.


  • Personal presentation, 10 minutes
  • Reflective journal, 800 words
  • Personal development plan, 400 words
  • Written report, 1,200 words