Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Module code: AE1223

Module co-ordinator: Dr Tony Priest 

In this module you will study how cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) can be used to address the problems of substance-misusing clients. You will analyse interventions with clients using the conceptual framework of CBT, and discuss the benefits and disadvantages of alternative interventions, comparing and contrasting different therapeutic modalities as applied to potential clients.

You will learn how to provide a Case Formulation of a client following assessment, relating their presenting issues to the explanatory concepts of CBT, and will analyse Case Studies from either a Motivational Interviewing or a CBT conceptual framework.


  • 30 hours of seminars
  • 1 one-hour tutorial


  • Evaluation of personal development, 1,000 words (25%)
  • Recorded counselling session, transcription and commentary (75%)