The Counselling Relationship and Evidence-Based Practice

Module code: AE1112

Module co-ordinator: Mary Graham

In this module we will examine and evaluate the available research evidence - both qualitative and quantitative - on the effectiveness of talking therapies. In particular, you will compare and contrast the role of the therapeutic alliance, transference and the real relationship in counselling. We will also explore current controversies within the profession of counselling, and the complexity of such debates.

Topics covered

  • What is research? How does research influence practice?
  • The therapeutic relationship
  • The person of the therapist
  • Routine outcome monitoring
  • What works for whom?
  • Models of counselling and their evidence base
  • Evaluating evidence-limits of research
  • Counselling skills


  • 5 one-hour lectures
  • 10 one-hour seminars
  • 15 one-hour practical classes and workshops
  • 1 one-hour tutorial


  • Summary of reflective learning journal, 1,000 words (30%)
  • Essay, 2,000 words (70%)