The Relationship Between Inner and Outer Worlds

Module code: AE1111

Module co-ordinator: Mary Graham

This module will introduce you to the key concepts in the study of loss and trauma, and the idea of unconscious processes within the self that have their own logic. We will examine how these processes are intricately linked to events in the external world, in terms of biography, historical events and social arrangements. From this, you will learn how to recognise the limits of an individual’s resources and to seek to view yourself and others with compassion.

Topics covered

  • Family history and genograms
  • Loss and depression
  • Trauma and PTSD
  • Defences and dissociation
  • Epidemiology of mental health difficulties
  • Counselling skills


  • 5 one-hour lectures
  • 10 one-hour seminars
  • 15 one-hour practical classes and workshops
  • 1 one-hour tutorial


  • Summary of reflective learning journal, 1,000 words (30%)
  • 20 minute role-play session with a client (30%)
  • Essay, 1,500 words (40%)