The Spanish Silver Age (1900 to 1950): A Revolution in Language

Module code: SP2042

This module focuses on how different cultural texts (one play, a selection of poems, and one novel) respond to the changes and challenges posed by the experience of modernity within the Spanish context in the period between 1900 and 1950. Lectures will provide you with necessary knowledge on the socio-historical context and introduce new theoretical concepts that can help inform your analysis of texts. Seminars will be structured around close textual analysis questions or exercises. You will gain a thorough understanding of the Spanish cultural landscape during the first half of the twentieth century. Additionally, the module will invite you to critically reflect on Spain’s cultural production within the period studied in relation to the broader European context, arguing that the core texts of the module constitute important (if often overlooked) contributions to the European modernist canon.

You will deepen your understanding of both modern and contemporary Spanish culture enhance your research and analytical skills - recognising, evaluating and applying key critical responses and/or theoretical concepts/frameworks to the topics covered. You will also improve your writing skills, practising how to structure a coherent argument in appropriately academic language.

Topics covered

  • The emergence of modern urban (sub)cultures
  • The role of the artist in the modern world
  • The limits and (un)reliability of language
  • The (new) role of women
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