Major Project

Module code: PA7091

The project provides the opportunity to apply your knowledge, and skills gained in the taught courses to a multidisciplinary design or research activity.The project will consist of a mission, system, sub-system or element (e.g. an instrument) design activity conducted in a team environment, and in three phases. Depending on the scope of the project, the phases will either address different elements of the system or different phases of the system lifecycle. For example, a mission project will typically address different aspects of the mission up to phase A, whereas in development of a single element, the phases will address different phases of the product lifecycle.

As part of your project, you will have the chance to compile and perform standard systems engineering analyses such as technical budgets, trade-offs, safety/reliability analysis, risk registers, and compile basic aerospace project management constructs such as:

  • Work Package Breakdowns and Descriptions
  • Project plans (e.g. Gantt) 
  • Organograms

You will be involved in the design and optimisation of missions, systems, sub-systems, instruments or components in teams that cross disciplinary and cultural boundaries.

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