Literature Review Project

Module code: PA4440

In this module you will delve into the scientific literature to research a topic – in an area of physics, space science, astrophysics, or a related field – guided by regular supervision meetings with academic staff. The focus is on the study of literature from research sources such as journal articles, conference proceedings and books. You will write report discussing your research and the materials you used, and have the chance to present a lecture on the topic to a small audience of staff and students. 

Examples of recently available projects include:

  • Chasing wind and clouds with lasers and radars
  • Raman Spectroscopy & the Search for Life
  • Where is the Missing Class of Intermediate Mass Black Holes?
  • A Perspective on Nanotechnology
  • Planetary Formation
  • Quantum computing
  • Design and manufacturing requirements of nano-satellites
  • Radar systems: principles and design

Topics covered

  • Independent research/study skills
  • Locating relevant research materials
  • Maintaining records of sources and notes 
  • Time management and professional behaviour
  • Critical analysis of a variety of written sources
  • Preparing and delivering a lecture
  • Constructing a report that synthesises information from a variety of sources
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