Quantum Mechanics and Radiation and Matter

Module code: NT4009

By building on your knowledge of quantum physics from previous modules, this module will deepen your understanding of modern quantum mechanics. You‘ll gain the skills necessary to solve equations which predict the wavelike properties of matter in 1D and 3D systems. These give valuable insight into physical situations relevant to atomic-physics, device-physics and nanotechnology. You’ll also examine electron spin, angular momentum and the matrix representation of quantum mechanics. Additionally, you will investigate the methods for solving quantum problems which underpin modern computational approaches to quantum physics.

During this module, you'll also look at radiation and matter, which incorporates areas of nuclear physics, atomic physics, radiation transfer and lasers. You'll explore topics such as simple nuclear models, nuclear decay, reactions, quantum numbers, the structure of the periodic table, the spectra of a simple atom, basic radiative transfer and lasing action.

Topics covered

  • Quantum tunnelling
  • The solution of the Schrödinger equation in 1D and 3D systems
  • Hydrogen-like atoms
  • Quantum operators
  • Spin and angular momentum
  • Approximate methods in quantum mechanics
  • Simple nuclear models
  • Nuclear decay and reactions
  • Quantum numbers and the periodic table
  • Spectra of simple atoms
  • Radiation transfer
  • Lasing action and applications of lasers
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