Research Project 4

Module code: NT4001

The fourth year Project is a major piece of individual work (60 credits; equivalent to at least 600 hours of student work over the year) that approaches the research frontier and provides significant preparatory experience for a PhD or research post in industry. Each student will be given a choice of projects from the Departments of Chemistry, Physics & Astronomy and the School of Biological Sciences.

Topics covered

  • Research design
  • Hypothesis testing
  • Advances analysis and data presentation
  • Literature searching and interpretation
  • Presentation of key findings in the form of a report and viva
  • Discussion of project findings and their wider context

Example projects

  • Self-assembled DNA nanostructures for single-molecule visualization of transcription initiation
  • The dopaminergic basis of behaviour
  • Developing an Approach for Measuring the Impact of Curriculum Interventions in STEM subjects
  • Laboratory model of the pulsing brain for validation of brain tissue velocimetry
  • Saturn's auroral winds   16
  • Building an X-ray Telescope using Crystals
  • Nature and organization of repetitive DNA in crops, domesticated species and their relatives
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