Journal of Interdisciplinary Science Topics

Module code: NT3003

An important part of being a scientist (as well as many other professions) is the ability to make connections between the vast quantity of information you have at your command, and being able to utilise the knowledge and techniques you have previously mastered in a new or novel context.

Interdisciplinary Research Journal models this process, and gives you an opportunity to practise this way of thinking. The intention of this module is to allow you to experience what it’s like to be at the cutting edge of scientific research. You will develop a familiarity with current research by accessing and discussing the literature, and learn how to write and review your own short academic research papers for the Journal of Interdisciplinary Science Topics (JIST). Examples of previous student’s work for JIST can be viewed:

Topics covered

  • Research literature
  • Authoring scientific articles
  • Academic publishing
  • The editing and review process for academic papers
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