Principles of Science: Bonds, Molecules and Cells

Module code: NT1008

This module provides an introduction to fundamental concepts in the Natural Sciences. 

Your first research project and non-credit bearing assessment focuses on scientific analysis of forensic evidence and will give you practise working in a group and delivering a presentation. 

The second research project explores the structure of microscopic objects from cells to molecules to atoms, focusing on the connections between the structure of matter on the microscale and their macroscopic properties. For example, you will consider how the properties of solids, liquids and gases can be rationalised by considering the behaviour of their constituent particles. At the smallest scale the behaviour of particles is governed by quantum mechanics which controls the properties of atoms and their ability to bond together to form molecules. This second research project is based around representations of organic processes, for the end of module coursework assessment you will create a written resource which explains how each concept contributes to the existence of life.

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