Designing for Creative Lives

Module code: MU7551

This module argues that museums have real social effects. During this module you'll focus on the role of museums and art institutions in enriching lives by actively engaging with contemporary social issues and stimulating participation and dialogue with and amongst diverse audiences. It will enable you to understand how the special conditions of spaces of culture and the social exchanges that happen within them open up possibilities for engagement with difficult, political and contentious topics.

You'll consider the emergence of ‘activist practice’, exploring how museums can creatively and critically engage with contemporary social, political and environmental concerns. This will also involve how audiences can be engaged through the design of diverse, stimulating, provocative and accessible museum experiences, and how the values and politics of cultural organisations can be manifested physically in the visitor experience. 

Topics covered

  • Museums, human rights and social justice
  • Activist practice 
  • Missions, visions and values
  • Ethical interpretation
  • Designing museum spaces for social engagement
  • Marketing the museum and audience development
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