How Buildings Work: Architectural History and Structural Engineering from the Ancient World to 2000

Module code: HS7075

The architecture of a building or townscape is a window into the time of its construction. We all encounter, interact with, live and work in these products of their age, and in this module, you’ll explore the history of architecture and structural engineering from the ancient world to the turn of the millennium.

During this module, you’ll critically evaluate the different languages of architecture from the ancient world to the present day. You’ll appraise individual buildings and townscapes, fluently describing their design and construction and relating it to historical and contemporary styles. A plethora of architectural theories have shaped the historic built environment - you’ll explore these, how they've changed over time and how those changes and developments fit within broader political, economic, social and cultural change. You’ll also examine how buildings are built, how they stand up, and the use of different materials. In addition, you’ll learn how historians have shaped our understanding of architecture and how this affects what we know about the past.

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