Society in Transformation

Module code: SY1002

This module focuses on social change in three much-debated areas of late-modern life: 'city', 'education', and 'crime'. You’ll be examining how spatial, social, and educational exclusions overlap and reinforce each other.

In the first section you'll examine developments in the structure and activities of the modern city (metropolis) and late modern city (megalopolis), while focusing on regeneration projects, social divisions and exclusions in the late-modern city.

The second section considers the impact of social change and new policies on education in late-modernity. You’ll discuss issues of inequality, social mobility, and choice as well as gender and race in relation to education. The relationship between globalisation and talent 'wars' will also be of importance.

Finally we will consider how and in what ways our experience of crime and safety has changed in the late-modern city. You’ll look at changing trends in crime, 'dangerous classes', 'underclass', urban disturbances and riots.

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