Implementing Improvements in Organisational Performance

Module code: MN7369

This module begins with looking at how the (re)organisation of production and/or service can be used to enhance competitiveness in a variety of occupational, sectoral, national, international and global settings, and how this can be implemented.

You'll start this process by interpreting and analysing simple balance sheets, basic costing concepts and techniques, budgetary planning and control, in the context of reward management strategy and practices. This will help you to understand the concept of 'high performance work practices', and evaluate the extent to which they can contribute to enhancing sustainable performance both at an individual and organisational level.

You'll use your knowledge to critically evaluate the concepts of 'organisational learning' and 'knowledge management', by using case studies to demonstrate how the principles of academic research on organisational performance are applied to the daily practices and decision making processes of human resource managers.

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