Human Resource Management in a Business Context

Module code: MN7367

In this module, you'll critically evaluate the theories and practises of human resource management (HRM) by drawing on critical approaches to work, employment, labour, management and political economy.

You'll be testing the extent to which theories and practices of HRM are applicable within a variety of occupational, sectoral, national, international and global contexts, which will lead you to identify how HRM contributes to how organisations change and adapt to ensure a sustainable future.

Throughout the module you'll be exploring the principles of contemporary academic research in HRM, and how to apply them to the daily practices and decision-making processes of HR managers in a variety of occupational, sectoral, national, international and global contexts. A central part of the module will be critically evaluating the implications of current trends in the labour market and employee management in various contexts, which you'll apply to HRM theory and practice.

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