Power at Work

Module code: MN3111

This is the only module on the course that puts your own personal and practical experience at the centre for reflection and analysis. Throughout the term we will consider four critical theoretical perspectives on management and how they can help you better understand your own experiences at work.

Over the weeks the module leader will work to facilitate a supportive environment that encourages you to share your experiences and gain significant insight from the experiences of your classmates in their work environments. In addition to learning advanced theoretical perspectives (which can be useful for your dissertation), previous students have found that the outcome of completing this module is to take away a new focus on what they hope to gain from a career: enhanced understanding about what to expect from employers and empowerment to make difficult decisions to find the right kind of work.

The teaching methods on this module are slightly different to what you may be familiar with; the module leader has prepared a series of short tutorial videos to guide you in understanding the theory; these are carefully designed and edited to allow you to review and gain access to the theory in your own time. Importantly, this means the class time is freed up for discussion.

NB. To take this module you must gain some meaningful work experience (usually during the summer vacation). You will not be able to complete this module without prior experience in some working context. Experience from any working environment counts for this module, it does not need to be an official placement; you might be taking a formal internship in a professional setting, volunteering, working for family or just picking up some unskilled work during the summer - the important thing is that you gain some exposure to management in practice to reflect upon and analyse with your module leader and classmates when you return.

Topics covered

  • Joking cultures, control/resistance, workplace rituals
  • Deskilling and automation
  • Power dynamics at work
  • Workplace inequalities
  • Ideology, hierarchies and (ir)rationalities
  • Gender, race and sexuality

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