Diversity in Organisations

Module code: MN2133

The UK has significant regulation to try and ensure diversity in the workplace. From the Papists Act of 1778, which began to tackle anti-Catholic discrimination, all the way to the Equality Act of 2010, policy, along with public opinion, has evolved to account for the UK's changing population. This module will give you a solid grounding in the theoretical and practical issues surrounding equal opportunities in the workplace, both internally and externally to the organisation.

By the end of the module, you will have sufficient knowledge of contemporary issues and key debates around equality and diversity. You will be able to discuss these from sociological, psychological, historical and legal perspectives. You will be aware of the legal requirements and their implications in practice. Plus, you'll be able to assess the relevance for organisations of debates and theories in managing diversity.

Topics covered

  • Sociological and psychological perspectives on diversity 
  • The role of media stereotypes and experiences
  • Policy approaches to equality and diversity
  • Diversity and organisational performance
  • Legal context of diversity management.
  • Unions, equality and diversity
  • The future of equality and diversity
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