Prevention, Obesity and Diabetes

Module code: MD7519

If you are a healthcare professional or someone with an interest in obesity and prevention of type 2 diabetes, then this is the module for you. You'll gain an insight into the complex link between obesity and health, specifically in relation to type 2 diabetes. You'll gain a deeper understanding of the screening and detection methods for obesity and type 2 diabetes, and consider the evidence base to both prevent and manage these conditions at both an individual and a population level.

Topics covered

  • Environmental and societal factors that have contributed to the current global epidemic of obesity and diabetes
  • Critical appraisal of currently available national and international risk tools and screening programmes for diabetes
  • Individual management plans and management options for obesity, including diet, activity, pharmacotherapy, surgery and psychological approaches
  • Critical appraisal of the evidence in relation to the role of lifestyle factors (i.e. physical activity, sedentary behaviour, weight loss and diet) in the prevention of diabetes
  • National and local initiatives for obesity prevention and management
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