European Convention on Human Rights

Module code: LW7240

The two modules ECHR 1 and ECHR 2 provide an introduction and overview over the system of human rights protection in the European Convention on Human Rights. The allocation of specific topics to the semester 1 or 2 module may vary and may also be subject to change in accordance with current relevance and debates, ECHR 1 typically explores the Strasbourg system for the protection of human rights, issues of scope and derogation of the Convention (including the exterritorial application of the Convention), the fundamental rights to life; the prohibition of torture and inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment and the prohibition of deprivation of liberty (Art 5 ECHR). 

ECHR 2 typically covers aspects of Article 8 (family life, private life, privacy), the freedom of expression, political parties and the freedom of elections, and the freedom of religion. The module also provides an outlook on future prospects of the ECHR in the context of the human rights architecture in Europe, in particular, the accession of the EU to the Convention system and the relationship between the Luxembourg and the Strasbourg courts in the protection of human rights. Methodologically, the focus of the module is on case-law of the European Court of Human Rights and its critique. Where appropriate case-law of other international courts, the CJEU or national jurisdictions may be included for comparison.

Both modules taken together will provide a detailed overview of a variety of rights and structural issues of international human rights protection by the ECHR. The modules can, however, also be taken individually.

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