Global and Crustal Seismology

Module code: GL4109
Pre-requisites: GL2108 or GL3106

Earthquakes are among the planet's most powerful phenomena. Analysing the seismological data generated by these events is one of the key geophysical techniques for investigating Earth's interior. From the crust just beneath the surface to the depths of the inner core, the propagation of seismic energy reveals critical information about structure and physical properties. Building on previous modules and using a mix of background reading, lectures, discussion, and practicals, this module will provide you with an understanding of how different parts of the seismic waveform can be used to study different features of the Earth.

Topics covered

  • Fundamentals of wave propagation
  • 'Great' earthquakes and seismic hazard
  • Lithospheric structure: crust and mantle
  • Mantle Transition Zone and evidence for plumes
  • The deep Earth: D" – the core-mantle boundary
  • Seismic tomography: imaging or imagining the Earth
  • More techniques: receiver functions and seismic anisotropy
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