Reflection Seismology

Module code: GL3107

Reflection seismology produces the highest-resolution images of the sub-surface available to Earth scientists. It enables us to explore ancient environments, complex sub-surface structures, and the sub-surface properties of rocks in three dimensions using sound waves. Repeating surveys over the same area enables us to monitor changes in the sub-surface.

In this module, you will learn how surveys are conducted on land and at sea and the difference between the acquisition techniques employed in these very different environments. You will learn how to use commercial software to process reflection seismic data. Through a series of practicals, you will follow the procedures used in industry to process data and then present your work in a report formatted in the same way as a commercial report.

This module prepares you for working in industry and develops your knowledge of the theoretical aspects of seismic reflection surveying. Students who have taken this module in the past have gone on to work for the leading seismic reflection surveying companies.

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