People, operations and marketing

Module code: CH3801

The module will focus on the structure of an enterprise including how people interact to share knowledge and experience. It will investigate practical approaches to conflict resolution, communication, decision making, motivation, negotiation, power and politics within a team environment. You will learn about team roles and 'intrapreneurship'. It is important to understand how all aspects of production and process operation can be analysed for efficiency savings. You will learn how to develop and carry out a marketing plan for a new product/activity. You will also be able to assess which marketing techniques are most appropriate in different situations. You will examine market segmentation and how to identify new customers. Effective communication is essential in an information rich society.

Topics covered

  • People
    • Teams and teamwork
    • Communication and conflict resolution
    • Motivation and negotiation
    • Organisational structures
    • Intrapreneurship
  • Marketing
    • Understanding the consumer
    • Market segmentation and product policy,
    • Pricing decisions, distribution and promotional strategies
    • Planning, Implementation and evaluation
  • Operations
    • Role of operations
    • Application of operations principles and concepts