Accounting and Finance

Module code: CH2800

This module will introduce you to the financing of an enterprise. It will equip you with the ability to read and interpret financial reports. The module will also enable you to use information obtained from financial reports to help with decision making such as cash flow, investment and loans. We will also discuss methods by which accounts are kept and how this affects the availability of information and how the information is used to run the company.

Topics covered

  • Financial reporting documents, the information they contain and the potential users and uses of that information.
  • Analyse and interpret financial reports in the context of the existing regulatory framework of accounting and relevant accounting theory.
  • Accounting issues, particularly with respect to contemporary issues surrounding communication, agency and control.
  • Accounting and financial information use for decision-making and planning, including limitations of such information.
  • Political context of accounting decisions, policy choices and representations both within organisations and in external publications.
  • Accounting information systems and their role in the management of organisations.