Business Analysis

Module code: CH1801

To be able to innovate in a market it is important to understand the environment of that market, how companies operate in that area and the micro- and macro-environmental challenges facing companies. This module will demonstrate techniques to assess the macroenvironment and its effect on the microenvironment. These may affect launching, withdrawing or marketing a product. The various life-cycles of a product will be discussed together with implications for reformulation or innovation. The module will cover internal analysis to improve performance or to maintain performance when other changes impact upon the business.

Topics covered

  • An Overview of Business Environmental Analysis 
    • SWOT analysis 
    • Analysing the macroenvironment
    • Market and industry analysis
    • Analysing the internal environment
  • The Macroenvironment 
    • PESTLE analysis
    • Scenario writing
    • The Delphi method
  • Market and Industry Analysis 
    • Product life cycle
    • Industry life cycle
    • Porter’s five forces
    • Structure, conduct and Performance 
  • Internal Analysis 
    • Portfolio analysis
    • Value chain analysis
    • Seven S framework
    • Resource analysis
  • Entrepreneurial Strategy