MBiolSci Research Project (Chronic Disease and Immunity)

Module code: BS4317

This module provides the opportunity to gain highly valuable laboratory work by undertaking a 4 month research project placement: 3 months of lab work and then 1 month for writing the dissertation and project presentation, within the Department of Respiratory Sciences, or a research laboratory within the College. You can choose a research project from a pool of submitted outlines after meeting with potential supervisors.

During this placement you will present a written synopsis of the background to a research project and develop a series of different molecular and cell biology experimental approaches to investigate a research problem relevant to chronic disease and inflammation. Alongside enhancing your research and analysis skills, this module will equip you the transferable skills that will be beneficial for your future. The project is an ideal preparation if you are wishing to proceed to a PhD in the fields of Chronic Disease and Immunity, and offers a great opportunity to enhance your employability as a biomedical scientist.

Topics covered

  • How to present a written synopsis 
  • Experimental design and the importance and nature of controls
  • Data analysis
  • Development of a series of different experimental approaches
  • Preparation of a sound summary
  • How to extract principal findings and present them in a logical and coherent way
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