Biological Psychology

Module code: PS7506

In this module you will study the fundamentals of brain and behaviour in order to develop a comprehensive understanding of important concepts in biological psychology. We will look at how brain structure and brain function interact as revealed by examination of brain activity and psychological behaviour. We will explore methodologies used to investigate brain structure and function, and practical issues in applied contexts. We will also seek to understand the effects of drugs on brain and behaviour through consideration of associated physical changes in normal and pathological states. Finally we will investigate the brain through examination of neurological injury and illness. We will be using a variety of sources including:

You will gain the skills to critically analyse contemporary concepts, formulating balanced, focused and advanced arguments. You will also learn to critically evaluate research findings in terms of their contribution of theoretical development, current knowledge, and practical issues in applied contexts.

Topics covered

  • Brain structure and function
  • Neurons and neuronal transmission
  • Sleep
  • Atypical brain (including affective disorders)