Case Studies in Post-Cold War (Dis-)Order

Module code: PL1116

The global geopolitical landscape has changed massively since the end of the Cold War. The fall of the Soviet Union and communism saw a seismic change in the global order, and we are still feeling the effects nearly 30 years later. In this module, you'll look at specific examples of order and disorder in international relations in the post-Cold War era.

You'll assess the implications of major events and developments within post-Cold War international relations and examine the challenges posed to the concepts of order and justice. You'll display your abilities by writing concise, informed blog posts on topics discussed in this module.


  • 6 hours of lectures
  • 2 hours of tutorials
  • 1 hour of demonstration
  • 2 hours of supervised time in lab/studio/workshop
  • 139 hours of guided independent study


  • Blog post one, 700 words (40%)
  • Blog post two, 700 words (60%)