Clinical Speciality Project

Module code: OP3026 (double module)

Clinical context

This module focuses on the completion of a supervised major project; however, one aspect of this is for you to include in your professional portfolio some reflection on clinical experience relating to the topic that you have chosen. Therefore, this module will provide a period of negotiated clinical placement in relationship to the topic of your major project. In some cases you may wish to organise a placement for observation purposes that is outside the normal clinical placement areas and/or hospitals.

Academic context

This module is designed to provide an opportunity for you to demonstrate your understanding of enquiry and research skills linked to the broad role of the ODP. This includes understanding of the research process including ethics of research, promotion and application of Evidence Based Practice and critical evaluation. The module with be supported by academic input relating to these issues.

The major project will allow you to demonstrate a high level of understanding, personal control and individual creativity. You should carefully read the assessment criteria to ensure your initial proposal provides opportunity to achieve the range of requirements examined at assessment. You should be ambitious in your scope and demonstrate awareness of the contemporary work, critical thinking and innovations relating to your chosen aspect of perioperative practice.