Mentoring in Perioperative Practice

Module code: OP3020 (double module)

Clinical context

You will have the opportunity to develop the skills required for the supervision, support and guidance of learners in the perioperative practice setting. You will assist the integration of the perioperative practice student into the clinical team and develop the crucial mentor/mentee relationship. The clinical setting will provide the clinical experience to make the links between theory and practice. In the clinical setting, you will engage with the approved assessment strategy and provide feedback on the learner’s performance. You will be able to contribute to a multidisciplinary approach to mentoring and assessment in perioperative practice.

Academic context

The module will explore teaching strategies and learning methods to facilitate learners' integration of academic and clinical practice. You will:

  • apply the principles of mentorship and the assessment of competence to learners in the practice setting
  • evaluate the values and ethical principles that underpin the mentoring process in perioperative practice
  • critically analyse the perioperative practice setting and evaluate the opportunities for and the limitations against providing effective support of learning and assessment in practice
  • identify and evaluate theoretical concepts and evidence-based practice from a wide range of different sources and apply these to mentoring in perioperative practice
  • develop and apply information literacy and IT skills to identify, search for, critically evaluate and discuss evidence in complex perioperative contexts
  • use a reflective approach to develop your mentoring practice through personal development planning and evaluation of learning needs
  • apply appropriate communication skills in order to promote effective mentoring and assessment practices
  • critically reflect on establishing effective working relationships in perioperative practice to support learners
  • create and develop dynamic personal development plans to demonstrate personal accountability through mentoring and assessment