Social and Psychological Concepts of Public Health and Social Care

Module code: NU1004

In this module we will explore the grand scheme of public health and social care – a sector in which nurses are crucially present at every stage. We will consider the evidence base and theoretical underpinnings of public health, health promotion and behaviour change – with health policies now focusing on the prevention of ill health, and the promotion of healthy living.

We will consider how the health needs of individuals, families and populations and intervention strategies are determined, as well as the complexity of public health practice in a multi-cultural society such as our own. With nurses being the health care professionals that are most in contact with the public – we will discuss why you are in a unique position to propel healthcare initiatives with the knowledge and skills you will obtain throughout the course of your degree.

This module will be taught through a varied selection of lectures, seminars and workshops, problem based, case studies, online activities and flipped learning.


  • Individual presentation (70%)
  • Literature review (30%)