Locating Heritage

Module code: MU7521

This module is about locating the term ‘heritage’ in its various contexts, as a concept, a process and a resource. 'Heritage' is a fluid, contested and complex term and its meanings and uses have changed over time. The module is designed to be exploratory, exciting and provocative, setting up ideas and questions for you to reflect upon.

Your own understandings of heritage will come into play in significant ways as we debate the term and its many manifestations. The module looks at heritage in historical, global, and community contexts with a focus on notions of value, interpretation and community. Overall, this module will give you an overview of key concepts and will help you develop a sophisticated language for talking about heritage and interpretation.

Topics covered

  • What is ‘heritage’?
  • History of heritage
  • Heritage in China and Japan
  • Discourse, power and systems of knowledge
  • Representation
  • Defining and exploring ‘interpretation’
  • Interpretive communities and authority
  • Heritage objects
  • Cultural landscapes
  • Colonialism
  • Global heritage, local criticisms and human rights
  • Identity
  • Who owns heritage?
  • Nationalism
  • Visitors and audiences
  • Heritage conventions, charters and heritage law
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