Supporting Heritage

Module code: MU7520 (double module)

You'll be dealing with the many and varied aspects of managing resources in heritage organisations including people, collections, information and space. The module will equip you with a broad and rounded set of principles as a way of grounding your knowledge and future work in this area.

Starting with the idea that heritage is both made and un-made through the actions of people, the module introduces a philosophical approach to resource management. You'll look at many of the current issues and challenges that comprise this side of heritage work, along the following three strands: managing organisations and how they work, managing objects and sites and managing relationships with audiences and funders.

Topics covered

  • Strategic planning
  • Vision and values
  • Ethical approaches to heritage and heritage management
  • Heritage conservation
  • Managing and supporting staff and volunteers
  • Risk assessment and management
  • Accessibility
  • Visitor studies
  • Collections management
  • Marketing, communication and audience development
  • Managing external relationships
  • Managing budgets and fundraising
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