Chinese Media and Popular Culture in a Global Context

Module code: MS7052

All aspects of Chinese popular culture will be investigated in this module, and you’ll gain an understanding of the influential social factors behind the media, as well as its implications.

You’ll start by looking at the major changes in the media landscape in China, with specific reference to the revolutionary, reform and post-reform era, and situating them in their political, historical and cultural contexts. This will help you to identify and assess the key debates surrounding ongoing trends in contemporary Chinese media, in and outside of China. This includes globalisation and localisation, commercialisation, internationalisation and the ‘going-out’ strategy.

A range of topics will be engaged with as you research case studies such as advertising campaigns, TV documentaries, media and mega events plus country branding campaigns. You’ll apply theory to these publications in order to decipher how Chinese media operates, and the effects it has on an individual and global level.