International Marketing

Module code: MN7331

How do businesses and organisations market their products, brands and services internationally? In this module, you’ll explore and propose solutions to real-life international marketing problems. You’ll study the process of international marketing planning, paying special attention to marketing strategies and communications in an international context.

You'll look at the international marketing environment, how to assess international marketing opportunities and plan strategy, relevant sources of information and analysis. You'll also consider how to decide whether to adapt or standardise the marketing mix elements (i.e. product, place, price and promotion) when marketing internationally.

Topics covered

  • The international marketing environment
  • Assessing international marketing opportunities and formulating strategy
  • International marketing strategies, segmentation, targeting and positioning
  • Marketing mix decision: deciding between adaptation vs. standardisation
  • Consumer behaviour in cross-cultural context
  • Inter-cultural marketing communications
  • New technologies
  • Strategic planning, implementation and control