Work and Society

Module code: MN1013

Where does work fit into our society? Why do some theorists think that society is becoming more and more like McDonald's? Why has globalisation caused so many political and social arguments? How do gender, race, class, disability and sexuality affect workers and their relationship with their employers? During this module, you'll explore these issues and many more.

You'll compare competing models and perspectives on work in a social context. You'll examine the changing nature of work in global and historical contexts of social and organisational change from the late 19th to early 21st century, and the impact of this on the quality and experience of work in the manufacturing and service sectors. Plus, you'll examine the major impact of globalisation and technological change on working life.

Topics covered

  • Past and contemporary theories of organising
  • The McDonaldisation of society
  • Globalisation
  • Social class
  • Gender, race, disability and sexuality at work
  • Emotional labour
  • Power, resistance and conflict