Immunity and Inflammation

Module code: MB7319

This module will explore and explain the disease progression paradigm and pathological mechanisms that underlie a wide range of chronic degenerative human diseases.  You will weigh and draw balanced conclusions from complex theoretical and technical evidence accurately and rigorously, and critically appraise scientific results in the context of the published literature. This module will equip you with the skills necessary for postgraduate study and help you to demonstrate competence in written communication, poster presentations, and the ability to discriminate between relevant and non-relevant material, and presentation in a logical sequence.


  • 50 hours of lectures
  • 28 hours of tutorials
  • 222 hours of independent study


  • Inflammation exam, multiple choice, 1 hour (20%)
  • Immunity exam, multiple choice, 1 hour (20%)
  • Inflammation exam, short answers, 1 hour (20%)
  • Immunity exam, short answers, 1 hour (20%)
  • Poster presentation (15%)
  • Lecture report (5%)