Human Rights and Human Wrongs: Core Principles

Module code: LW7085

This module will introduce you to some of the core principles of international human rights law in order to demonstrate the nature of the substantive protection of human rights. Some of the principles covered include the principle of equality, and the principle of human dignity. The module examines the expression of the core principles governing human rights through the relevant conventions and treaties such as the Convention Against Torture and the ICCPR. You will be able to appraise the protection offered by the relevant courts and tribunals and consider the current challenges to the implementation of the core principles by using case studies. You will have the opportunity to engage in role play on hypothetical fact situations in groups in order to bring to light the current debates surrounding the core principles studies.


  • 16 hours of seminars 
  • 134 hours of guided independent study 


  • Research paper, 5,000 words (100%)*

*Note that any absence (unless under exceptional circumstances evidenced by verifiable documentation) from the class presentations (to take place in the ‘debate week’) will be penalized by 10% deducted from the overall mark obtained from the research paper.