Intermediate Applied Physics: Quantum Devices

  • Combine this unit with one other to form the module 'Intermediate Physics Specialisms'

In this intermediate unit you will study devices that exploit quantum physics in their operation. Quantum devices and components involve the control and manipulation of quantum states to produce functionality that could not be achieved in a non-quantum world. At the simplest level, this involves exploiting the behaviour of naturally occurring quantum effects. For example, quantum dot lasers and SQUID (superconducting quantum interference device) magnetometers are already in widespread use. Nanosized particles with controllable functionality offer much promise for biomedical applications.

In the next generation of quantum technologies, quantum-engineered systems will offer dramatic changes in our technological capability in areas such as metrology and timing, imaging and sensors, simulation, computation and secure communications. During this unit, you will study various categories of device that exploit quantum mechanical phenomena in their operation. After discussing fundamental limits of classical devices, some of the necessary basic quantum concepts are introduced and the methods that can be used for making quantum devices are described.

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