Advanced Fluid Dynamics

Module code: EG7026

In this module you will be exposed to a range of contemporary developments in fluid dynamics. This exposure will include research activities in theoretical, computational and experimental fluid dynamics.

Topics covered

  • Experimental fluid dynamics: Current approaches in experimental fluid dynamics for flows in water and in air at low and high speeds. Difficulties of measurements and techniques for turbomachines and blading. Advanced anemometry techniques. Unsteady flows, conditional and phase averaging. Temporal and frequency domains, wavelets. Nonlinear dynamics and chaos.
  • Turbulence: Discussion of transport properties of fluids. Laminar flow. Instability and transition to turbulence in boundary layers and free shear layers. Intermittency and turbulent spots. Turbulence in fluids. Eddy viscosity and the k-epsilon model.
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics: The Finite Volume Method. Flow computation and related difficulties. The SIMPLE algorithm and its variants. Turbulence computation. Computational models for turbulent flows.
  • Computation of two-phase flow: Introduction to two-phase flow. Two-phase flow patterns and flow pattern maps. Homogeneous flow. Pressure drop for separated flow. Volume of fluid (VOF) model. Mixture (slip) model. Eulerian model.